Greetings From the Surface of the Sun

Today’s blog is cancelled due to insane weather.

Just trying to keep everyone alive and as comfortable as possible.

Chickens and sheep have shade and lots of fresh water, but it is so miserably hot out there. I’ve been taking them watermelon and frozen raspberries to try an make it more tolerable.

It’s actually hotter now than when I started the blog and took the screenshot above. 105.3

And tomorrow is supposed to be even worse.



    • denisemor

      yeah, just checked weather underground and it looks like you folks are probably even a bit hotter than we are here. So miserable. One more day, and then hopefully back to more normal weather.

  1. Donna

    So sorry Denise. Today was worse, and I am losing animals and almost myself. This is awful. I hope your today was better than mine.

    • denisemor

      today was worse. 109.9 here. lost one chicken to heatstroke, despite my best efforts to keep everyone safe. resorted to dousing sheep with water this afternoon to try and give them some relief. was so sorry to hear about PeeWee. hoping tomorrow will be better for all.


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