First Fruit

And it’s a cuke!

Two actually. Aren’t they pretty?

I am also unreasonably enamored with my fennel

Wool-wise, I’ve been working my way through washing up Dottie’s fleece

Beautiful shades of grey. Probably two more batches to go. Big fleece on the girl this year!

And I’ve made a fresh start on The Shepherd’s vest. Am almost back to where I was before I sadly had to rip out from my first go. I think I have a strategy for working in a skein that is a little bit heavier weight than the rest of the batch, which should put me over the finish-line, yardage-wise (fingers crossed).

Don’t want to jinx myself by posting a picture yet though. Maybe next week.

Have a good one, folks! 🙂


    • denisemor

      I know- I’m so excited to have things this far along in June. Nice to know that all the work over the fall and winter was worth it!


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