May Days

Just a few snaps of the homestead as the sun sets on a lovely weekend-

last week’s bud is this weeks rose
baby chickens settling in
another cute Fiona pic
hoophouse veg status
herb section- (with designated Yellow Chig spa area behind)
and a little clip of Yellow Chig enjoying buttercups by the fig tree

Wool work will resume shortly, once our cloud cover returns 🙂


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna 🙂 everything is growing well so far- so exciting to see it come together! next up- drip irrigation.

  1. Linnell Nickerson

    Like your Blog And great Homstead. Just got through reading your Blog from the beginning. Really enjoyed it! You are a very busy beaver! The sheep all look good. Don’t know how you and hubby get it all done. I know it’s a lot of work!! I grew up with animals. Keep up the good work!Linnie

    • denisemor

      thanks Linnell- thanks for checking out the blog. I guess I have been at it for quite a while now. it’s fun to look back at projects of years ago. We do stay pretty busy!


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