Spring Things

Despite some recent crazy weather, including sleet/hail, Spring is definitely in the air!

Baby chickens are growing fast- now about 6 weeks old

(taken through chicken wire so they wouldn’t all run off and hide)

and Yellow Chig is keeping a close eye on them

She’s such a sweet old gal. Yesterday I dug back in my photos to figure out how old she is- I was thinking she was probably about 6 or so, but it turns out she’s 8 years old! And still laying the occasional egg. She loves to hang out in the hoophouse and dust bathe in the warm surface soil, and I like to watch her enjoying her retirement. 🙂

In the hoophouse, the seedlings are coming on strong

And on the pasture side, I’ve gotten one sheep sheared. This year, first haircut honors go to Fiona

I even got it all in one go- except for her belly, which will need to be cleaned up later.

And I’m striving to wash as I go, so I don’t have a lot of raw fleece hanging around-

Fleece plus Tiny Gus!

It’s a lovely creamy taupe color. Will be so fun to work with. Had some issues with felting along the mid-back, but those bits, with their curly tips, will make excellent toupees for future sock monkeys!

some of those lovely curly tips, alongside some newly spun Chone wool from 2018 (spun on Elsa, chain plied on Moto)

Not sure who will be next in the beauty salon, but there is a lot of fleece out there on the hoof right now. Check out Esther’s current style-

She’s a walking wool festival!

Have a good week everyone-


  1. Michelle McMillen

    I can’t believe I’m actually ahead of you on shearing! Did #4 (of ten) today and am feeling it. Where’s a live-in personal masseuse when you need one?

    I have a question. I saved Bridget’s trashy neck fleece to hopefully try out my combs for the first time. Can/should you comb unwashed fleece? I know you’re supposed to comb locks, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep the locks organized if I wash it first.

    • denisemor

      oooh- I’m catching up with you today Michelle! just did #2 this afternoon (Esther). She’s a big girl- you are so right about the masseuse. Really feeling it in my forearm. Anyway, I think that you can comb raw fleece, but I have not. Probably best that it is fresh and the weather is warm, so that any greasy is more oily than sticky. I find that I can usually identify locks after washing, but even if you can’t, you can still lash wool on without the lock structure being intact. Give it a go! Hand-combed wool is such a dream to spin 🙂

    • denisemor

      Thanks Donna- yeah, I’m really glad to have Chone wool from various years in the stash, so I can spin and think of my sweet little guy. It’s bittersweet, but better to have loved and lost, as they say-


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