Keep on Keepin’ On

Turned 50 this week. Acknowledging but not dwelling on it.

Time flies when you’re having fun. And keeping busy.

With that in mind, I’ll just give a brief update on the hoophouse-

We were able to get a little more work done on the north endwall on Saturday, which was beautiful- sunny and about 42 degrees. (About as good as it gets here in January. ) We’re in the home stretch now, but the windows of opportunity are smaller and smaller.

Boo Kitten was also out enjoying some time in the sun- caught here indulging in some catnip remnants in a garden bed

Today is much colder and cloudy. Better suited to spinning.

Elsa is doing a fabulous job on some nice dark brown wool from deep in the stash. She’s such a smooth, solid spinner. And there is something really satisfying about the workings of an antique spinning wheel- the whir of the flyer, the beat of the treadle.

We make a pretty good pair, me and Elsa. Couple of old wool junkies.

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