Hellos and Goodbyes

In reverse order-

Last week we lost one of our older chicken ladies, a Partridge Rock.

While she never had a proper name, she was a solid citizen, who had earned her retirement here through her early years of steady egg production.

Sadly, she developed some sort of ailment that I wasn’t able to nurse her through, and passed away last weekend. She was the last of the Partridge/Barred Rock cohort that we raised up in the spring of 2015. Here was their chick nursery class photo-

With this loss of one of the older crowd, it seemed an opportune time to inject a little more youth into the chicken flock. So yesterday I arranged to take delivery of three sweet little Amberlink pullets (3 months old).

I didn’t get them home until after dark last night, and the weather was awful, so they spent their first night here in a comfy dog crate.

This morning they got to meet the gang out in the shed-

It’s always a bit stressful for newcomers, but the girls seem to be learning pretty quickly and sticking together- and I’ll be keeping a pretty close eye on them for the next few days. Welcome chicken babies!

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