Fall Fleeces

This morning I finished Daphne’s haircut! She was such a good girl, and it went pretty fast. And all the while, Fiona stood watching and munching hay close by. Maybe it helped to have company in the shed. 🙂

Funny how the front third of her is already sun-bleached- after only, what a couple weeks?

I’ve already got the first bit of her wool in different stages of processing- with about 3.5 oz spun up

I think the first skein is a little bit under-plied, as my swatch has a smidge of bias- so I might run it through Moto, my e-spinner, again quick to add little more ply twist.

But it feels really nice. And I love the rich, nutty gray/brown color.

I’ve also got Fiona’s fleece washed up and ready to play with-

Baby Fiona fleece, just as soft as it looks!

And I wanted to share an update on Welsie, my rehab chicken. I can’t remember if I’ve shared much about her here, but she was in a pretty bad way about a month or so ago.

She’s been living in the shop in a dog crate while I’ve nursed her back to health, and I’m so pleased that she’s pulled through. She’s growing new feathers and putting on weight, and I’ve been letting her out in the yard for supervised field trips so she can scratch and peck and dust bath and such.

Today (as I write this) she is out in the shed getting reacquainted with the flock.

Let’s hear it for the girl!


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