I get a bit itchy when I don’t have anything on the needles, and so pretty much immediately after completing the Layton cuffs, I took a browse through my favorites on Ravelry, and was reminded of something I’ve wanted to make for a long time.

Alcott, by Mary Henderson. Mine just won’t be as pink.

I picked up some beautiful light fingerling weight yarn at Tolt yarn and wool a while back that should be perfect. Biches & Buches Le Petit Lambswool.

In the front there are two of my own spins that I’m hoping will be close enough in weight to be compatible in stranded colorwork. And I hope/plan to use a natural Griff (oatmeal colored) yarn of the same weight as the background color rather than white.

So I’ve got to rework the color charts for my vest- and I found something cool online that I wanted to share-

It’s web-based knitting design software- I’ve just started playing with it, but it’s pretty neat. here is a first attempt at recoloring the Alcott chart-

Also on the topic of Afterwards, I’m pleased that we’ve got July 4th in the rearview mirror. This one was particularly tough on the critters, with neighbors on both sides going all out on fireworks. I hung out with the sheep through the worst of it, as they seemed quite stressed.

Today everyone is tired, but enjoying some rose cuttings in the sunshine, so I guess we came through it ok.


  1. Donna

    It was crazy. Tom had to get Steve in the house with bread and brauts. The porch cat Izzy disappeared. He said the other animals seemed OK. The sheep were in the barn which might have made them feel safer. At least the new neighbors behind us didn’t shoot fireworks over our property like the previous owners did, but there was still plenty of war-zone like activity here. Glad you all made it through.
    And I love, love, love that pattern and those yarns. This will be amazing!

    • denisemor

      Thanks Donna. Glad all your critters are ok as well. I am really excited about this new project. I so need a fair isle vest!


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