After The Rain

Yesterday’s storm had us all hunkered down. But today the pasture gang was back in action.

with tiny Gus watching from the sidelines

the deep watering was appreciated by this old “came with the place” rose that I transplanted earlier this spring. I’m so pleased that she has survived the move- she’s a rosbust climber and I thought it might be cool to let her ramble up over the sheep/chicken shed

she’s even got a bud! woot! 🙂

lots of other pretty things budding out as well- Reine de Violettes

And peonies are starting to pop!

Yesterday’s stormy weather also provided me with a fair bit of knitting time.

so now I’m almost at the point where I start working the sleeves together with the body and shaping the shoulders.

I think I have enough yardage to finish, but If not, I’ve got a couple bobbins of singles in reserve waiting to be plied up.

The tricky bit will be finding the best blend of Layton shaping and EZ seamless saddle shoulder construction.


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