Spring in the Garden

Everything is fabulously green and growing like it’s a time lapse video. I’ve been engaged in an epic battle to free our garden beds and borders from the bondage of buttercups, with some (albeit temporary) success. So in this moment that the lawn is mowed, the beds are (mostly) weeded and the evening sun is casting a beautiful glow on everything, I thought I would share some some shots of the things that are keeping my spirits up in the midst of this pandemic.

Roadside rose border
rugosa & lily hedge
rose & perennial bed
veg beds (w/ peonies behind)
potatoes & squash in makeshift compost bed
Boo kitten on patrol! 🙂
fall-bearing raspberries
maybe we’ll get quinces this year?
tiny pears!
black currants!
and the wall of rhodies

The bumblebees are thick on the rhodies right now. They just can’t get enough. I understand the feeling. The spring garden is intoxicating.


    • denisemor

      thanks Michelle- usually the beds don’t get much exposure because they get so overgrown- grasses and buttercups are hard to keep at bay. But this year I’ve had the extra hours at home to stay on top of it a little better. I’m a total sucker for roses and peonies. Just can’t get enough 🙂


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