Layton Progress

Thought I would blog this week about all the garden work I’ve gotten done over the last week or so, but there actually isn’t much to see yet. With any luck my veggies will start germinating this week and I can share pictures of cute little seedlings.

In the meantime, I’ll document the progress of my Layton project.

Starting with the sleeves, using the magic loop technique. First time working this way, and I’m finally getting the hang of it. Little bit fiddly at the cast on edge getting everything started, but lots faster than DPNs once it’s established.

Continuing to spin yarn for the project- just filled another couple bobbins on Elsa, and will probably get that plied in the next day or two- should put me pretty close to the total required yardage.

Also managed to put the final touches on Dottie’s and Felix’s haircuts this morning. So that was cool. Should have gotten photos of the gang now that they are looking tidier, but that will have to wait for next week.

I do have a couple photos of Daphne “helping” me transplant those little cedar trees from the compost pile into the pasture-

Hey little girl- don’t eat my tree!
Who, me? I was just inspecting. Yeah, everything seems ok here 😉

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