Tidying Up Loose Ends

Bow Market Fiber Day was fun- I brought my drum carder and talked to lots of folks about processing wool, keeping sheep, and all kind of stuff.

The lamb puppets were very well received. Lots of smiles, nice comments, and Posy and Nora found new homes 🙂 So that was cool. I’m going to try and get a bunch more made before the Holiday market on Dec 7.

Now that Fiber Day is the rearview mirror, I’m getting back to some projects that had been sidelined for a bit.

First priority is wrapping up my Chone Forest vest!

Saturday I washed and blocked the pieces-

It dried very quickly, so today I got down to sewing it up!

I’ve got the shoulders connected and the neckline assembled, but still have to seam the sides and do the armhole finishing.

So close! Maybe I’ll get the finishing touches done tonight- but more likely tomorrow or Tuesday.

Next up- thumbs for the mittens that time forgot!


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