To Hatch, or Not To Hatch

That is the question.

The girls are still sitting. I didn’t mark the calendar, but I’m pretty sure that 21 days should be this weekend……

They haven’t given up yet, so I’ll let them be for now. And keep the hope alive for a few more little peeps.

The “First Five” are all doing well. Now just over 4 weeks old, and very cute and perky, but not quite ready for the big leagues quite yet (and I have to figure out how to reinforce the shed in order to keep them penned in with the grownups (would be easy for them to pop through the current fencing).

In knitting news, I’m making slow but steady progress on Forest. Now about 8 inches into the back.

And over the last couple of days my roses have all burst into bloom! A few of my “English Rose” friends. Lady Emma Hamilton-

Jude the Obscure

And St. Cecilia

This time of year I can’t help but take time to stop and smell the roses! These guys are amazingly fragrant.


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- I’ve got roses all over the place it seems, but if I’d planned better I would have put my favorites where I like to hang out in the yard so I could just sit and enjoy the fragrance.


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