Spring Chicks!

Welsie now has herself a little brood.

Five sweet little baby chickens

I could sit and watch them for hours

And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for the week, the rain afforded me the opportunity to get Frank and Felix sheared!

So that was cool.
Think I got more usable wool off them this year than last, but it’s going to take quite a bit of prep to get it ready to spin. More on that next week.

In the meantime, here are some things that caught my eye in the garden today 🙂

Fig tree

Lipstick strawberries

Rugosa hedge

I think that perhaps May is my favorite month-


  1. Terry C. Garratt

    Aren’t baby chicks the best? I had one chick last year. Her “donor hen” laid the egg and beat a path out the coop door. Then her surrogate hen came along all broody and set herself up to be a Mom. Flame is now a laying member of the coop. She will be one year old in August as she was hatched during the Carr Fire out here.

    Love the shearing photo. My first thought perhaps a survivor of the Titanic with an inflatable on.

  2. Donna

    The chicks are so cute! And getting Frank and Felix sheared is huge. I love May except for all the gardening chores. it gets overwhelming.

    • denisemor

      it can get a bit overwhelming with as fast as everything is growing, but as long as we can get everything mowed once a week it maintains the illusion of order 🙂 I was super excited to have gotten F&F sheared all in one go!


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