Freshly Sheared

Lamb cake, that is-

Yep- another one 🙂
But trying a different recipe this time-lemon pound cake with blueberries, and with just a bit of vanilla glaze. Dressed up with mint sprigs and tiny violets from the garden. (yay Spring!)

Really pleased with how it worked out! The lemon cake is tender and moist, and the glaze gives it a nice finish without being overly sweet.

Don’t know if I mentioned it an earlier post, but I’m also incorporating a tip I found at -flipping the mold halfway through the bake.

What I’ve learned so far:
Mold preparation is key- well-seasoned cast-iron, plus crisco worked carefully into all recesses of mold, then floured.
Reinforce the neck and ears with chopstick and toothpicks placed in batter before baking.
Do not overfill mold. only fill face side of mold level with edge. Resist the urge to let batter mound in center (use extra batter to make some cupcakes)
Flip mold half-way through the bake (30 minutes)

Still haven’t hit upon the next knit project, so working another brioche cowl just to keep the hands busy. And doing a little spinning.

Did manage to get spring sheep stuff done this week, so that’s cool. Onwards to shearing!


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- it was quite yummy. So good in fact that I just made another batch today (not lamb shaped, though)


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