At Loose Ends-

Now that the technicolor dream vest is done, I am a bit scattered, project-wise.

I’m shopping around for a pattern for my 1300 yds of sportweight Chone yarn, but until I hit upon the perfect thing, I’m
playing around with some new tiny circular needles (8 in length- super short tips) I picked up back in January.

It’s taken me a while to get a feel for working on them, but now that I’m getting the hang of it they sure are faster than working on doublepoints! Just finished my first sample mitt-

So I guess I’ve got to make another to match.

I’ve also gotten a smidge more shearing done on Esther-

It’s amazing how fresh and white she is underneath- and she really likes being able to get good neck rubs now 🙂
Her neck wool is so lovely-

Was also able to get a small amount of Dottie wool to blend it with to make some more of last week’s squishy two-ply yarn. I’m working it into a nice, simple garter stitch cowl. Dottie’s got so much wool on her- and she doesn’t appear to have felted over the winter, so that’s a nice surprise-

One other fun thing that I’m playing around with is making felted Peeps.

Here are my first two just after shaping/wet finishing

and now that they have little eyes

I’m pretty pleased with my first attempt. Don’t have any idea what I’ll do with them- but they are just so cute and fun.


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- the peeps were fun and pretty quick to make- have kind of revived my interest in needle felting!


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