Baking and Blocking

Lamb cake #2 is a winner!

Same recipe as last time, but only filled the face side of the mold even with the edge, and baked for a full hour.

Also incorporated a tip from a vintage cast iron site– flipping the mold after half the baking time.

It’s lovely white fleece is a marshmallowy meringue frosting. Yum.

And in non-marshmallow wool news,

The Fabulous Technicolor Dreamvest is blocking!

So excited 🙂
I found the perfect buttons a few days ago, and sewed them on last night, but I’m kind of thinking that I might go back and rearrange them to use five rather than four. Odd numbers are somehow more satisfying to me.

They are a really interesting color. Kind of a pink-orange. Also yum. 🙂

This weekend was so warm and beautiful. Both Esther and Dottie have started to hint that they’d like to take their heavy coats off…..


    • denisemor

      I know- I can’t wait until it’s dry and ready to go. Might have enough cool weather left in the season still where it gets a little use!


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