Whole Lotta Ribbin’ Goin’ On

We are steeked!

And well into the bottom edge ribbing.

A couple more rows here and then I’ll pick up stitches along the fronts and neck to work the collar- also in a 1X1 rib.

I’ve always loved using ribbing in garments, but it’s only been since I’ve learned to Norwegian Purl that I’ve actually enjoyed executing the ribbing itself.

So much smoother and efficient now that I’m not moving the working yarn back to front to back.

But as much I’m still enjoying the Fabulous Technicolor DreamVest process, I am kind of itching to start another project.
A SEWING project.

I just dicovered noodlehead and am really digging her cool bag designs and tutorials.

Think I’m going to have to give her patterns a try. You can never have too many project bags, right?


    • denisemor

      I think it’s probably because I’m knitting left-handed. It’s basiscally a mirror-image of what most right-handers do- but knitting left-to-right actually makes the norwegian purl really simple.


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