Stranding and Short Rows and Steeks

Oh My!

The fabulous technicolor dream vest is coming along nicely.

I’ve decided to do a little something different with this vest from the original.
No saddle shoulders this time (those weren’t part of original plan anyway).
But I still want to get the depth on the neck opening, because I really like how the shawl collar worked out.

In order to hopefully create the same sort of fit, I’m working the fronts about 2 inches longer than the back, so that the fronts will wrap over the top of the shoulder and the seam will be at the top of the back.

First I worked some short rows on each side of the back to slope the shoulders off just a bit

Then the back stitches (plus half of the steek stitches for each armhole) all went on a holder for now.

Moved the front stitches (and the other half of the steek stitches) to a smaller length circular needle, and am now continuing to work in the round for about 2.5 inches (which is about the width of the saddles on the original vest)

So it looks a little weird right now.
With some luck, it will be vest-shaped once the steeks are cut 🙂

Also wanted to give a shout out to the chigs, who have come through our icky winter weather and started laying again

Today was our first 6-egg day in quite a while.
Here’s hoping that the thaw (and egg production) continues!

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