The Eating of the Tree

Today I took our little tree out to the pasture to share with the sheeps, as is our tradition.

Esther found it lip-smackin’ good-

But man, she really needs a trim on those bangs!
Poor messy, soggy girl.

Everything here is pretty soggy- but at least it’s not frozen.

Another year-end tradition of mine is to do sweater (and other knitwear) maintenance.

I’ve gotten a start with mending a worn-through elbow on an old (pre-blog) sweater that has seen a lot of use over the years

and washing and de-pilling The Man’s favorite hat-

My go-to tool for de-pilling is something I got from my mom a few years back. One of those things I never would have thought to buy for myself, but as it turns out, is really handy- the Gleener

So tomorrow I’ll see what all else in the cedar chest requires some upkeep.
Washing, de-pilling, mending- or maybe just a quick steaming, to keep the knits looking their best!

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