Golden November

It’s been a remarkably beautiful weekend-

And I finally got some photos, just as it’s drawing to a close.

We made what I hope will be a significant upgrade to the chicken accommodations today- a second Feed-O-Matic treadle feeder.

So now we’re Feed-O-Matic only- no more open feed sources. Hopefully this will help to discourage the starlings and other small birds from hanging out in the shed eating and pooping all day, and also keep spillage to a minimum.

And in wool news, another Marta cap flew off the needles this week- this one slightly sized up.

I just can’t stop knitting them! So if you think you might need a toasty cap for this winter (or know someone who would appreciate one as a gift!) make sure you swing by the Bow Holiday Market on Dec 1. New location this year- Edison Elementary School.

Also- registration is now open for the WSU Country Living Expo. So save the date! January 26 @ Stanwood High School. I’ll be teaching two classes- The Basics of Wool Processing, and Yarn From Scratch: Handspinning on a Wheel. Should be lots of fun!


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