New Chigs in the Shed!

Yesterday I introduced a few new feathered friends to to chicken crew.
Marco Pollo (6 mo old olive egger roo), 2 silver laced Wyandottes (about 7 months old), and one Welsummer (9 months).



They seem to be holding their own pretty well, so that’s good. “Welsie” as I’m calling her, is fitting in most easily. Maybe because she kind of looks like the amerucana girls. And the Wyandotte sisters appear to be able to stand up for themselves, and have claimed roosting spots on the new structure I assembled last weekend.

Marco looks like he could be Bertrand’s little brother. He’s kind of unassuming, so I don’t think Bertrand feels too put upon 🙂

I think it’s going to work out ok.

And when I’ve not been busy overseeing chicken assimilation, I’ve been able to make quite a bit of progress spinning Marta singles and working them into a Honegard earflap hat!


Had to rework the pattern a little to account for the smaller gauge, but I think it’s working out nicely-
Really like the solid charcoal color with the different textures- garter stitch for the earflaps, and the honeycomb cables for the rest of the hat. Marta’s wool is so soft and springy.

I’d forgotten how much I like working this pattern.

Have a great week!


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