Her Name is Dolores

But I keep accidentally calling her Esther 🙂


Still working on her shawl. Hope to get that wrapped up later tonight or tomorrow.
So for now she is nekkid.
And sitting up high on a shelf, because Gus is way too interested in her.

I think she is super cool, with her felted Felix curls hairdo.

Now she needs outfits!

Baby chicken update- Mama#1 is doing well with her two bebes. They are about 2 weeks old now and growing fast. Mama#2 has hatched out two chickies over the last couple of days and continues to sit on the remaining eggs. She’s the girl who raised up 12 chicks last year, so she’s got some experience with these things. Hoping that she sticks with it to get the other eggs to the finish line!


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