The Heat is On

Current conditions at the homestead

7-29-18 weather

Things should become more tolerable when the sun goes down in a few hours. Until then, I am pretty much hiding inside other t han to check on critters every once in a while.

And speaking of critters, please give a big welcome to our two newest farm friends



Yep. Couple little chickies hatched out last weekend. Few other eggs that must have been added to the nest at some point later have been transferred to another speckled sussex girl who is also in a broody frame of mind since mama #1 gave up sitting on them yesterday.

In other news, Dolores is coming along nicely-


Since that photo I she has gained ears, and now I am working on legs. hoping that by next weekend she’ll be all assembled and outfitted!

And I’ve also been working on spinning up some Chone from 2012 that I unearthed in the re-organization of the wool room last weekend. I think the reason it was still hanging around after all this time is because it had a bit of dandruff or something in it. But with some re-carding and spinning kind of fine to open up the fibers and let the debris fall out, I actually got a really nice result in my first skein!


It’s very lofty and light


And despite the intense heat outside, its got me making cozy sweater plans.

Accuweather says it’s supposed to start cooling off after tomorrow. Lets hope they’re right!

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