Vacuum Packed!

It’s wool washing weather, and so I’ve got a fair bit of new wool entering the processing pipeline.
This weekend it was Dottie and Esther


So I decided I needed to clean and reorganize the Wool Room.

Things were getting a bit out of hand.
Lots of white bags. And bins.
Washed fleece, while not heavy, tend to take up a lot of space. It was starting to feel a little congested in there.
Kitten hadn’t complained (she’s pretty cool about stuff like that), but I felt like I needed to get it under control.

So first I had to take stock of what all I had stashed.


First I sorted by sheep.


I was pleased to discover that I still have a fair bit of Edgar and Griff fleece left. 🙂

And a lot of Chone. Which kind of surprised me. So much wool from such a tiny boy!

But the main thing in my reorganization plan was to make the stash take up less space.
That’s where the vacuum storage bags come in.

They are kind of like magic


Becomes this:


The turned my pile of bags into this:


And I could do with a couple more.
Wool bricks.
So nice and stackable on my shelf.


Ahhh, that’s better.


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