Spinnin’ the Blues

This week I started playing a bit with my “Deep Water” fleece. The fully saturated color is pretty intense,


so I thought I’d do some blending to create some different shades with Dottie (silver grey) and Frank/Felix (white)-
That worked out nicely, and I expanded my experimentation to make some blue-based multis


Here are all my little wool muffins waiting to be spun- in a cool sheep planter (seemed appropriate) 🙂


And here are the new spins!


Also have another hat underway- here’s a little close-up of the color scheme


I do love mixing and matching colors to come up with combos that kind of pop. Think this one is going to fun- the oranges and golds are so energizing, and the greens balance it, I think. Guess we’ll see when it’s done and blocked!

Also been meaning to mention a cool book that The Man got for me recently-



Been enjoying making my way through her adventure- meeting sheep of many breeds, their shepherds, and taking in the landscape.
Scottish Isles, sheep, wool, and socks- definitely a winning combination!


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- the book is pretty neat- especially some of the cool people that she meets along the way-

    • denisemor

      thanks Maureen- you can find the planter on Amazon- it’s “Creative Co-op Resin Sheep Planter”.


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