Just a Little Off the Top, Please

The most unlikely of walk-in customers approached me this evening about getting a little trim


Yep, that’s Dottie.
Last year she was a bit of a handful at shearing time. Bucking bronco/jumping bean type of thing.
But this year she was all about getting rid of that heavy coat so I could give her some good scritches 🙂

I wasn’t really prepared for the shearing, and so didn’t have anything on hand to put the wool in as it was coming off- so I just stuffed it in my jacket as I went. Here is me afterwards-


And here is Dot with her partial haircut


Lookin’ pretty sporty, girl!


    • denisemor

      Actually, I don’t think her color has changed much. Will have to go back and look at last year’s photos- she’s mostly a silvery gray on top, with darker, steely gray on her chest and underneath. One thing is for sure, though- there’s a lot of wool on this girl. probably about 7 inches!


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