Hiding from the Slush

Yesterday there was (more) snow.

And today it is slush.

While I’m glad that it is a smidgen warmer and that meltage is happening, the resulting slippery sloshiness is no fun.

And so I am hiding from the weather and making good progress on my SuperGreen sweater


I’m pretty excited to have completed raglan increases and separated the sleeves from the body.
Now the rows go a little bit quicker, and it’s easier to see how it’s shaping up.


Note on modification to the Dry Creek pattern:
I’m working the cables as charted, but ignoring the yarnovers and associated decreases so there won’t be lacy holes in the panels. I don’t really like mixing cables and lace.


It was a little awkward at first, but now that I’ve done a few repeats it all makes sense- it helps that it is all very symmetrical and even.

And here are a couple other bits of sunshine I worked up while in hiding from the weather-



Color can be a powerful tonic.


  1. denisemor

    thanks Donna- yeah, ‘fraid we’re probably in for more mud before we’re done. Just keep spinning, just keep spinning…..


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