I finished knitting argyle sock #1 on Friday,


and gave myself permission to swatch for The Green Sweater project


The swatch is in “Spot Stitch”, which is kind of a variation on seed stitch, and it looks like my gauge is pretty close, so I shouldn’t have to do any pattern modifying. That’s cool because I really want to just cast on and get started! I still have one more sock to finish up, so I got the heel underway today.


(I’m a one-project-at-a-time kind of knitter)

Not much other news, but the sheep and chickens say “hey”- everything seems pretty copacetic out in the shed right now. Esther is generally acknowledged to be in charge, and Dottie seems ok with that (as long as there are enough treats and scritches to go around). So glad they worked it out amongst themselves.

And I wanted to just throw in a note about the chickens- I’m really pleased that both girls who were wearing the little jackets have healed up and regrown their feathers! So no chickens in khakis anymore, and the jackets are washed up and standing by in case we need them again in the future.


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