White-ish Christmas

We got a little snow last night


just in time for Christmas.

Now that I’ve got the photo, it is welcome to melt away and give me back my greenery!

Since it’s been mighty cold for the last week, and while the sheeps take it pretty much in stride, I’ve mostly been hanging inside with Tiny Gus, trying to stay toasty and doing some wool-work.

I’ve managed to work up two skeins of My Perfect Green 2-ply


And also finished the argyle panel for sock #1



So far so good, I think. I’m kind of enjoying doing the back and forth across the front of the work. It’s given me a chance to try and figure out what technique works best for me right-handed. I’ve done a little picking, and a little throwing, and even a little flicking. I think that flicking (kind of like throwing, but just with the index finger) might be the most natural for me, but picking seems more efficient, so I keep trying to practice it.

Anyway, one down and one more to go!

I’ve also started working on a little sweater for Tiny Gus.

I’m recycling some wool from a bought sweater that I remodeled a couple of years ago to make the little guy a stylish charcoal colored ribbed mock turtleneck.


And when the cold and snow starts to get to me, I dive into my 2018 David Austin catalog and think colorful, sweet-smelling Spring thoughts


Hope ewe all had a woolly and wonderful holiday!


  1. Donna Schoonover

    Tiny Gus is your spinner ?!? I guess I need a name for mine now. The Perfect Green is gorgeous, and the argyle is amazing. We were in south Seattle for Christmas Eve and the snow was amazingly beautiful there, just magical. It was so nice.

    • denisemor

      Actually, Tiny Gus is the new pup. The e-spinner is Moto. Was glad to get some quality time with Moto over the holiday as well- I’d been kind of going through spinning withdrawal the last couple of weeks!


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