Ho Ho Hosiery for the Holidays

Argyle socks are coming along!

I do so love the tidy classic pattern-


It’s a bit like creating order out of chaos, with all the tangled working strands hanging off the back.


I am continuing to work only on the front, and my right-handed knitting is getting better I think.
The only technical issue I’m coming across is that my white diagonal line stitches are getting mounted wrong and having to untwist them when I come back across them on the next row. I think it’s only happening when the diagonal is moving opposite direction of the row I’m working. (?)

I suppose I could make the pattern a little simpler by going back in and doing the white lines in duplicate stitch after the fact, but I think they look better when they are knitted in and lay flatter in the pattern.

And so I’ll be working on these for a bit. Perhaps this fussy knitting will help to distract me from the humiliating loss the Seahawks just suffered at the hands of the Rams.

Or maybe not. Ugh.

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