where were we? oh, right-

Little mister Gus has been keeping us pretty busy.


Thankfully, the weather has been really nice and we’ve been able to spend quite a bit of time outside, wearing him out 🙂

We’ve finally got all the frost-free spigots replaced, and the area where the big laurel came out cleared out and cleaned up!


Not terribly exciting, I know- but it’s been a long time coming, I’m mighty pleased.

I missed “Hug A Sheep Day” earlier this week, so tried to make it up to the woolly gang today. Got some quality time with the sheepers in the Fall sunshine, which was nice.


I should mention- it seems that the tables have turned out in the pasture. A couple of nights ago Dottie and Esther were tussling when I went out to do sheep and chicken checks. Seems like they got it sorted out without anyone getting injured, and Esther is now calling the shots.

Crazy girls.

And I’ve finally gotten back to working on my tiny birds- giving them eyes, and tassles to fancy them up a bit and make them into ornaments


I think they are pretty cute. Hope to get at least dozen done in time for the Holiday Festival Market at Beau Lodge on Nov 11.

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