Bits and Bobs

Just a random assortment of updates from the homestead today.

Edgar: Edgar is doing ok. Some days better than others (and evenings better than mornings?). He is about done with me fussing over him, though- so I’m trying to respect his personal space and just let him be.


Moto: I’ve been logging a fair bit of time on Mr. Moto spinner, getting a feel for his range of speeds. He’s awesome. Here is a bit of Frank/Felix sportweight-ish two ply I just finished up.


(My other wheels are probably starting to feel a bit neglected.)

Chickens: Baby chickens are growing up so fast! Their mama is still doing an awesome job of taking care of them. If you need a baby chicken fix, here is the live feed

Wool-work: It’s been good fleece washing weather, so I’ve been trying to get in a batch here and a batch there. This weekends washup was Bambam from Schoonover Farm. Bambam had a rough year (complications from castration last fall) but came through it and grew an amazingly soft and fine fleece over the winter.


I’ve also washed up about half of Dottie, and all of Frank and Felix that was left after heavy skirting. So nice to be able to dry things outside in the sunshine!

Etsy Shop: Is going to be deactivated as of May 17, because they have changed their seller policies and are requiring shops to use their direct payment functionality. So if you are interested in yarn or other woolen goods, you can see what I’ve got going over on my Farm Stand page. We’re going to keep this real simple and casual. If you see something you are interested in, just complete the contact form and I’ll get right back to you.


  1. Donna Schoonover

    I am feeling sorry for Edgar and really wishing we could figure out what is bugging him. Love Mr. Moto’s spinning. Bambam is looking good. Etsy was brief, huh? I never had any luck with it and did not like the fees. Let me know if you are needing to find a home for young roosters.

    • denisemor

      Thanks Donna. I sure wish I could figure the Edgar thing out too. It’s really weird. He’s up and grazing, and seems to be urinating and pooping just fine so that is all good. Not in any obvious distress at least. Good to know that you might be interested in roosters. I can’t tell how many there might be yet, but I’m sure at least a few!


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