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I finally got brave today and decided to move Big Mama chicken and her brood to more suitable quarters.

It was only once I lifted her off her nest that I realized there were many more chicks than I thought!

She has 11 babies, three yet unhatched eggs, and one that was in the process of breaking out of it’s shell during the move.
Sadly, I found one deceased chick in the nest.

But it seems that everyone has settled into the new spot, so I’m pleased. I think that they will be safer and comfier there (fingers crossed)

In other news, Edgar is having problems again. He hasn’t fallen (as far as a I know), but he’s clearly not feeling well.
I’ve given him a vitamin/mineral/electrolyte supplement that seemed help him come around last time, and I’m hoping that he will rebound and be his normal charismatic self again soon.

Progress continues on the Estonian Sheep puppet- drying after being washed and blocked,


Have to think some about what kind of eyes to make. The facial features are what really makes or breaks these guys.

And I did a quick chain ply on the lovely Malabrigo from SLC to preserve the color transitions:


pretty pretty pretty.


  1. Donna Schoonover

    I am glad the chicks are for the most part doing OK but sorry to hear about Edgar. Any chance he is getting into something like mushrooms? Mold in the hay? These are problems I have had. Love the puppet and spinning (of course).

  2. denisemor

    As of yesterday evening Edgar seems to be feeling much better so I’m super relieved, but it is a bit of a mystery. I haven’t seen any mushrooms, hay smells good, and no-one else is affected. I’ll have to do another sweep of the pasture to make sure there isn’t something else out there I haven’t noticed before.
    Chicks are doing really well in the new spot. We’ve got a total of twelve now and they are very active and perky.


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