Fleece, Wiring & Banana Bread

The makings of a good weekend!

Managed to get Edgar’s haircut finished up, and made a start on Dottie and Chone.


Ooh- Ahhh- those do look like nice fleeces.


As you might expect, Felix and Frank kept their distance.


But Edgar was all about getting rubs after I got his neck and shoulders cleared off.


Meanwhile, The Man is making great progress on the espinner project. Worked on wiring up all the components Saturday


This was a dry run of how the elements will fit in the box once it is assembled.


And then today we got the rest of the shaping done on the box.


I think it’s all coming together quite nicely. Can’t wait to take it for a test spin!


It might be bit yet, because of the box assembly and finishing and such, but for now there is banana bread.


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