In The Shop with The Man

Edgar is feeling better, and I am much relieved.
We haven’t gotten the toxicology results back yet from Idaho, but the bloodwork that was done locally indicated he had a high phosphorus level and low calcium. Not sure what exactly would set up that sort of situation.

With Edgar back on his feet, I pressed ahead this weekend with hoof trimming and CDT boosters. Nice to get that all finished up. Shearing is ongoing- with everyone in different stages of crazy haircuts 🙂

And we were able to get back into the shop to work on the e-spinner!

The box that will house the components is coming together


Still have to shape the front and rear panels to create the equivalent of maidens to hold the flyer. Hope to sort that out today.

Here is how the control panel will sit in one of the side pieces of the box (on/off switch, speed control dial, direction switch and little red and green led lights to indicate direction of spin) 

espinner control panel

Neato frito, eh? Yeah, The Man is pretty good with this kind of stuff 🙂


the round hole in the back side is where the power cord will go.

And here is a little video of testing the rpm range on the largest whorl of the flyer

(Pretty sure the bobbin clatter at the higher speed will resolve with a little oil.)

We’re right on track with having an operating range on the flyer of about 450-1200 RPM. That should cover everything that I usually spin. And if a need ever emerged to go higher, we could use the next smaller whorl.

For reference, if you’re operating at a ratio of 8:1 and treadling once per second, your flyer is doing about 480 RPM.  So assuming 60 treadles a minute rate, the espinner is designed to have an range equivalent to ratios from 7.5:1 to 20:1


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