Last Hat of 2016

It was going to be a quick one.
But felting with a variety of handspun yarns can be kind of a crapshoot.


It knit up fast, but then didn’t felt down quite the way I’d hoped.
The ribbed edge actually grew by about 3 inches. Maybe more.

So I had to take a step back and redesign on the fly.

Thankfully (?) the section just above the ribbing didn’t really felt very well, so I was able to carefully snip and pull out a row to remove the ribbing and leave felted but live stitches above to work with.

Picked up the stitches, and knit down corrugated ribbing on smaller needles. Finished off with Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn “Better Bindoff” so it has a little give at the edge.


Whew! Finally sized for a normal-sized human head 🙂
And it’s felted down pretty hard through the body, so should be super toasty.

Which is a good thing, because it’s supposed to get mighty cold again next week.

Happy New Years everyone!

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