The Next Sweater

I finished the cowl, and it is lovely


and so snuggly


Also cast on for a hat this week because I was so anxious to practice my corrugated ribbing with the Norwegian purl technique


Hat got finished up in the closing minutes of the Seahawks game today and is now resting after it’s bath.
And I am again between projects.

Would really like to get started on a sweater, but haven’t settled on a design yet.

I’d kind of like to do something cable-y.
But that would mean a solid color, and lots of yardage.

Or I could do some colorwork.

I kind of like to look of Absinthe


which of course has neither cables or colorwork.


But it has an interesting neckline and 3/4 sleeves which I dig.

So you can probably tell I really have no idea what direction I’m moving in.

And I can’t start the week without a project.

This is why I end up with piles of hats 🙂

Suggestions welcome.


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