All Washed Up

But in a good way 🙂

Today I finished washing up all the remaining fleece from this spring’s shearing. Plus the Border Leicester fleece from Jonasson’s last Fall Fleece sale.

I sometimes think that washed fleece is my favorite stage in the wool processing pipeline.

It still looks all sheepy, but is fresh and fluffy.


Just mah-vel-ous.


I had the washed fleece sitting out to dry on our picnic table, but then it started to rain!

Woo Hoooooo! It hasn’t rained in about two months. I’m sure it’s not going to amount to much, but it sure feels good.

While one of the fleece batches was soaking, I did a little playing with a new Kool Aid flavor.

Peach Mango. Mmmmmm.


So pretty


And plays well with others, too!


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