Haircuts and Hoof Trims

I got lucky and caught everyone in the shed Saturday morning, so it seemed like a good time to get everyone tidied up.

Edgar haircut cleanup 5-21-16

Edgar, Felix, and Chone finally got their rear ends sheared- so they look a little more respectable now.

We tried to trim off part of Felix’s horn that is growing down right next to his eye, but it proved a challenge keeping his head still long enough to get it done, so we’ll have to revisit that at some point later.

Felix 5-21-16

The only one who didn’t need any fussing was little Dottie. She’s got a fresh haircut from the end of March, and her hooves looked great.

Dottie 5-21-16

Got a little bit of wool-work done this weekend too-



I still only have one bobbin for Sigrid, my antique Norwegian (Swedish?) wheel, but I’ve come up with a pretty slick way to wind off singles for plying on my Lateral treadle wheel. More on that next week!

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