Wool Washin’ Weather

It’s been a beautiful weekend.

So much to love about this time of year.

Blooming trees


ohmygosh- look at those tiny figs!


Baby chickens venturing forth into the yard-

And lots of fresh wool to process!
I made a start with Wynette, a little Gotland/Finn/Shetland cross from Schoonover Farm

So pretty and soft and fluffy. And gorgeous mix of black, gray and white. Going to have to find something really neat to make out of my lovely Wynette fleece.

And then also got some Edgar washed up-


Lookin’ good Mr. Edgar!


I’m also getting really close on my Chone Burr cardigan.
Working away on the button band and collar. Once that is done it’s only a matter of setting in the sleeves and sewing some seams.
Pretty darn sure I’ll have something to show you next week 🙂


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- I’m getting really close on the Chone Burr. Just cast off the button band and collar yesterday. So only sewing up left 🙂 Will have to go and check out the Marietta lambs!


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