Officially a Mad Hatter

It seems I just can’t stop.

I thought I could just turn off the “hatting” once the need for hats evaporated.
But the urge persists.


(Still a little bit damp from its final bath. Will fluff out a little more when it’s completely dry.
I think it needs a blue pompom.)

Perhaps because it’s so easy to start another. No need to plan and measure and swatch and such.
Just cast on.

I’m also having second thoughts about Burr. Maybe I just need to get started knitting.
I’ve got about 750 yards of the Chone yarn ready to go,, and could do the rest on a spin-as-you-go basis.


But I’ve found myself distracted.
Out of nowhere, an urge to knit something Argyle hit me mid-week.
The sudden need for Argyle socks.
Yeah, I’m all over the place. 🙂

And now I’m spinning some fiber left over from the Little Bow Market holiday sale. A Chone blend.


Would actually look really nice worked into Burr if I run short on yardage.

And speaking of Little Bow Market leftovers, I’m happy to say that my remaining hats and mitts are now available at Northwest Handspun Yarns in Bellingham. So if you regret not having picked one up a couple of weeks ago, you have another chance!


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