Sweater Math

Burr it is!

I’ve swatched, and it looks like I can get gauge with the Chone yarn I’ve been spinning, so I’m good there.

But, the question is- am I going to have enough Chone wool to generate the required yardage?

Of the yarn I’ve spun so far, it looks like I’m getting about 120 yds per 3 oz.

So if I need about 1300 yards (perhaps an overestimate, but trying to be safe), that’s about 33 oz total.

I’ve got approximately 12 oz spun up


And just over a pound of Chone (mix of 2014 and 2015) remaining in the stash


Which leaves me a little short.


I see a couple of options:

A. make it without sleeves (Burr jacket becomes Burr vest) or,
B. incorporate some other wool in some part of the jacket (back, sleeves?) I have some ideas.

Since I’ve not quite at the casting on stage for the sweater yet, this week I worked on an “In the Meantime Cowl”

Pretty little thing, I think.


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