Thank the Sheep

Last night we turned back the clocks.
It is now officially the dark season.

Over the next few months, I probably won’t see as much of the boys.
Sure, there’s a light out in the shed, and I’ll still be out there every morning and evening to say “hey”, make sure they have food and water, and tidy the place up a bit. But it’s just not the same as the “light season” when I’m out there more just hanging out with the crew.

So I thought I’d just take a minute to thank the guys for their all their hard work this year- eating down the pasture, making lovely wool for me to play with- and for being my good buddies.

He’s my guy in charge out there. Proud and handsome, he expects (and gets) lots of attention. Always the first to request shearing in the spring, and I’m happy to oblige!

Edgar’s twin brother, but his polar opposite personality-wise! Griff is a sweet boy, but very shy. I feel like I’ve finally turned the corner with him this year- he will actually let me occasionally scritch him on the head!
He has a dense, very crimpy fleece that is a beautiful golden-taupey color.

Curious but careful, Felix enjoys getting attention, but isn’t pushy about it. If I sit out in the pasture for a while talking to Edgar and Chone, Felix will eventually wander over and say “hi”. He doesn’t like being fussed with and can sometimes be handful when I’m trimming hooves and shearing but he has heavenly soft and springy fleece around his neck and shoulders so I try to stay on his good side 🙂

Felix’s twin brother, and they are almost inseparable. Frank is very shy and doesn’t like being handled, but is usually a gentleman once you get a halter on him. Fun fact about both Frank and Felix- their facial and leg markings (Black in Frank’s case, and Brown on Felix) fade in and out throughout the year. Right now his face is almost entirely black, but in the spring it will fade out again and throughout the summer his face will be white!

And last but not least, Chone! (pronounced Shaun)
Chone 01-18-14
My crazy little black sheep. He’s a sweet cuddly little dude, but kind of a bugger when it comes to shearing and hoof trimming. Turns into a bucking bronco! (Also the messiest eater of the bunch) But he has a nice fluffy charcoal-y fleece that I love to work with.

So, thank you boys. You’re the coolest sheep I know. 🙂


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