Denise 1, Crows 0

Egg production is up!

Or, should I say, egg thievery is down.
And the crows are no longer hanging around in the tall trees bordering the pasture.

I’m calling it a victory.
We’ll see if it lasts. But for now I’m pretty pleased with the results of the netting.

And, we moved the SheepCam today- so the view of the boys is no longer obscured by the crowproofing. 🙂

In wool news, I washed the last of my Spring 2015 Chone wool last weekend,


And have been slowly getting it picked and fluffed. It’s really neat how his wool has been getting softer and crimpier over the last few years. His lamb fleece wasn’t much fun to work with, but he’s come a long way! One more reason to love the crazy little dude


I haven’t been spinning much recently, but hat production continues apace-



Next up-


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