Electric Sheepyland

This weekend we made a start on the shearing!

Edgar was (of course) the first candidate.
Here we are mid-haircut-


Kinda messy and disorganized the first time out, but he was very patient with me as I fumbled around with the new electric shears.
And he was rewarded with lots of goodies 🙂

He still needs to have his tummy cleaned up, but all in all, I think he looks pretty good!


I took a little different approach with Chone- started from the butt and worked forward.

Here he is mid-fleece explosion!


Chone’s fleece is so nice this year- and it’s amazing how much of it there was on his tiny little body!

So we’ve got three guys left. The plan is to catch them in the shed next Saturday morning and finish the job.
We’re due for vaccinations, dewormer and hoof trimming too, so it will be a very sheepiful morning.


  1. Donna Schoonover

    Great job electric shearing for the first time. Glad they were reasonably cooperative. See you Friday!

    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- Edgar and Chone were both really good sports. Yep- looking forward to haircut day at your place- it’s always awesome to watch Eifion work.


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