The Next Big Thing

The second Canyonlands shawl is done and blocking!


And I am anxious to start another sweater.
I’ve even got one picked out-


Tuin, by Tori Seiuerstad

I love the patterning on the yoke- but I really want to do the separate parts of the design in different colors.

The tentative plan is to use a blend of Felix/Frank and Griff for the main yoke color, and the fun colors I dyed a while back for the patterning.


I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I’m considering just knitting the yoke plain, and then going back and doing duplicate stitch.

The only way I could do it fair-isle style would be to work back and forth and have different colors going for each of the sections.
Possible, but pretty complicated.
I don’t have much experience with duplicate stitch, but I figure that way I’d actually be using less yarn overall, and I could work with only one color at a time.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

While I’m figuring it out, I’ve got some Zauberball socks going just to keep the hands busy.


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