Hot Water Bath Process

  • —Submerge wool. No agitation. Swooshing around a smidge to ensure water penetration is ok.
  • —Soak for 20-40 minutes
  • —Pour off wash water
  • —Rinse in progressively cooler water until rinse water runs clear (or almost clear). No dramatic temperature changes (may cause felting)
  • —Rinse again. Most fleeces will require a couple of rinses, but most will come clean with one wash. You might need t o repeat if fleece is very greasy (or your water wasn’t hot enough).
  • —Note to Septic Owners: You do not want to send a bunch of lanolin into your septic system. While you might not wash enough fleece for this to ever become an issue, a large amount of lanolin re-solidifying in your plumbing and or septic tank might be a real problem.  Most of your dirt and grease is going to come out in the wash water. Water from subsequent rinses probably won’t hurt anything.

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