Best Laid Plans

A couple of weeks ago we changed up the chicken management scheme.

And everything seemed cool for about a week.

The girls settled in fine, and I set up a special little dust bathing area for them.

Then the hawk showed up.

We lost two girls before we realized what was going on and who the culprit was. 🙁

We moved the chicken house out of the pen and set the girls back to free-ranging.

They seemed to get over the shock of the hawk attacks and went back to their old routine of sitting on the front porch and pooping on everything 🙂

Which meant that the free-ranging thing was not going to last.

So this weekend we moved the girls into the pasture.


The fencing is to keep the sheep away from the chicken house (they know there is chicken food in there).


They’ve got their nesting boxes in there (with a little bit of makeshift tarp to keep the crazy sideways rain out)


And they can access the pasture through their special little chicken-sized doorway (between the rebar arches).


So far, the sheep have been pretty cool about sharing the pasture with our feathered friends.


But they I’m not sure they know quite what to make of the new decorating scheme.



  1. Yvonne Madsen

    Hi Denise – Good luck with all that! Our chickens went bye-bye a few months ago. We had a “hawk feeder” here, too. Between that, chicken poop everywhere, and having them dig up my favorite garden plants repeatedly, we decided to send them off to freezer camp. I miss their antics, I miss finding them in the garage getting into cat food, and I miss the eggs. . . but our neighbor has chickens so I’ll be a regular customer there.
    Yvonne 🙂

  2. sheepsclothing

    sorry to hear about everyone going to freezer camp. but i can understand – the poop and garden scratching are why we can’t let them have the run of the place here anymore.


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