Neglecting the Blog

Yes, the blog has been getting shortchanged lately.
Been trying to get a little too much done on the weekends, it seems.

But that doesn’t mean that I’ve been neglecting the wool!
Now that we’ve got a little tree


And it is looking all fresh and perky in the living room, I feel like maybe I can handle this whole holiday season thing.

It’s nice to have a festive backdrop for a sweater-project-in-progress photo-


And the Shalom is coming along pretty nicely. I’ve spun up one more skein of squishy navajo plied not-my-own shetland from the stash, and I think that might just do it.

I’ve also been carding up quite a bit of Frank and Felix- here they are posing by the tree-


Not sure what they want to be yet, but I want to have it all ready to go when I figure it out!

This coming week I’m doing my Christmas Cookie ritual, so I’ve been collecting supplies and ingredients.
Need to be ready to hit the ground running on Wednesday when the baking begins in earnest.

So today I did a trial run on a new treat. This year I’m switching up the chocolate element.
Rather than the traditional fudge, I’m spicing it up with a Mexican Hot Chocolate Truffle


Fleece Navidad! 🙂


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